I had never given much thought to the existence of piers, until this book. Somehow, I always took them for granted, including their part in defining California culture. What brought them to life were the sumptuous photographs and superlative descriptions of each individual pier, including their history and uses. Author Ed Grant had the wisdom to choose writers and photographers who knew these piers by "heart", it seems. Most of the piers are located in Southern California, and some are famous, especially the Malibu Pier, which makes its cameo appearance in classic Hollywood surf films, high-fashion photo shoots, and as a backdrop for many surfing legends.
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Doing business in the ocean can be dangerous. Grant, in addition to his Piers book, is a principal photographer at Mavericks, a world class big wave break in Half Moon Bay California. Facing a 30 foot wave like this capsized Grant's boat a few weeks after this photo was taken. The boat was flipped over and Grants & his fellow photographer Joel Gringorten were eventually rescued by the passing fishing boat. Read about this adventure: Dan Haifley, Our Ocean Backyard: Photographer lucky to be alive

For those of us who wouldn’t dare live more than a mile from the coastline, piers are the essence of beach culture: a sturdy, elegant presence against the surf while families flock along the shoreline and youthful exuberance comes to life. By night, some of California’s most famous piers become the province of high celebrity amid the neon lights and salty air. This was my experience at the Malibu, Santa Monica and Santa Cruz piers over the years – to me, nothing less than full-fledged romance. Even for the saltiest among us, however, there is much to be learned – and for landlocked dreamers fascinated by the California lifestyle, this book is an absolute treasure. Beautifully written, exquisitely photographed and historically significant, "Piers of the California Coast" is not to be missed.

-- Bruce Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle

Blueprint: Presented by CBRE Photo by Ed Grant

Piers Reimagined: A Perfect Place for Recreation and Rich History

  Piers Reimagined: A Perfect Place for Recreation and Rich History  “Even in turbulent weather with a fierce wind driving stormy seas, the pier offers a way to get out to sea without ever leaving land,” says Ed Grant, author of Piers of the California Coast. “They provide a chance to look back at hills and town as you never could from shore. Mostly, out on a pier you understand that you’re not on the way to somewhere else—you’re already there.”  

Capturing That 'Extraordinary Moment': Mavericks Surf Photographer Ed Grant

I'm fascinated by big waves. Mavericks is one of the great wonders of the world," Grant said, sitting in the Coastal Arts League gallery in Half Moon Bay, California . More than just a photographer, Grant has played an active role in the local surfing community as part of the group that brought the Mavericks Surf Contest back in 2004 after a four-year hiatus. He's also a triathlete, having completed more than 100 triathlons, including the Kona Ironman. And he was a high school teacher for more than 38 years before turning to photography full time.

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I highly recommend you purchase Ed Grant's new book titled, Piers of the California Coast. Ed has created the first ever historical book on California's iconic piers. Thebook features some of the best photography ever taken of these piers accompanied by historical antidotes never before gathered in one compilation. Readers get a truly virtual tour of the breath taking California coastline adorned with some of the most remarkable piers in the world. I highly encourage you to dive into this book that not only will be a welcome addition to your coffee table book collection but also to your enjoyable reading book list and personal library block busters! by Molly Lavik, Founder, Menor Insight, Inc

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